Thinking for the Future.

The most difficult time any professional franchise team goes through is the rebuilding process. This is when a team decides to drop or trade away a few older players in return for younger prospects. This is currently taking place within basketball teams such as the Cleveland Cavaliers and Charlotte Bobcats. It is even happening in New York City with the New York Mets baseball team. The Mets dropped older and more expensive players such as Carlos Beltran, Luis Castillo, and Jose Reyes and signed younger prospects who may turn out to be future stars.

This is necessary in order for professional teams to improve and produce new star players. It was seen with Lebron James being signed to the Cleveland Cavaliers at the age of 19. When he left the team and signed with Miami, Cleveland went with a whole new roster. They dropped a majority of their older players and shaped their team around younger and inexperienced players. An example of this is the signing of rookie Kyrie Irving to the Cavaliers. The team is expecting for him to become a potential star and possibly lead the team to success. Of course, the team will struggle and have a few poor seasons before becoming playoff or even Finals contenders.

All teams must go through this process in order to achieve success. There was a point where the San Antonio Spurs were in a struggling position but now they have star players such as Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili , and Tim Duncan. The Spurs, who are known as a team with older players, will soon be in a similar rebuilding process. The New York Knicks are another team who experienced many troubles and poor seasons before becoming a playoff caliber team. Looking back on the Knicks previous team when they had point guard Stephon Marbury and center Eddy Curry is not necessarily a good memory. The team realized that they needed to make changes with their coaching staff and players. That whole rebuilding process led to the successful team they have now which revolves around superstar Carmelo Anthony.

Many fans become disgruntled with the rebuilding process and get frustrated with the constant team losses. It should not be looked at with a negative outlook, but with a more positive outlook for the future. It just takes some patience and devotion for fans to stay faithful to their team. It is possible that young teams such as the New York Mets or Cleveland Cavaliers will be future champions.


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