Safe Driving; Making The Roads A Safer Place.

Operating a vehicle can be one of the most advantageous actions but unfortunately also one of the most dangerous. Of course, driving is a necessity for many people, especially those who have a job that requires being at different locations. A real-estate agent who may have a number of open house to attend in one day fits this description. That agent would need to have access to a vehicle rather than relying on scheduled transportation such as a bus or train. Despite the benefits, many people abuse driving whether it pertains to speeding or even text messaging while driving.

Speed limits are placed for a reason in certain areas. In residential areas or areas by schools there are very low speed limits and many speed bumps to ensure the safety of residents and students. This especially pertains to younger children who do not think about the dangers a car can inflict. An example is a child walking across the street to get a ball that rolled across. If a vehicle is going at a very slow speed, the driver will have a better chance of seeing the child crossing and stopping in time. If the driver is speeding down that block, it will be harder for them to see and stop in time to avoid hitting the child.

Quite possibly the most distracting and dangerous thing to be doing while operating a vehicle is text messaging. Logically, while typing out a text, the driver is unable to fully focus on driving and what is ahead of them. Not only are they putting themselves in danger, but also the lives of many other individuals. It is no surprise that many fatal accidents happen from distractions while driving. It makes more sense to hold off text messaging or talking on the phone for some time than to put yours and others lives at risk.

The scenarios described above are only two out of the many unsafe driving habits. One critical and unsafe action is driving under the influence. If you know you will be drinking , make the safe choice and take a cab or ask a friend for a ride. Also, be a responsible individual and if you see someone who is about to drive while intoxicated, offer them a ride or convince them to take a cab. There are too many accidents and lives taken because of irresponsible driving habits, so it is time to take precaution and make the roads a safer place!


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