Journalism 14 Writing.

Technical knowledge has been and continues to be an important aspect in the field of journalism in many ways. It has improved the quality and way news and stories are broadcasted.

After thinking of the importance of technical knowledge, I immediately thought of backpack journalism. Backpack journalism allows a reporter to take part in all positions to produce a story. The journalist acts as a reporter, photographer, videographer, and an editor using simple tools such as laptops, mobile camera phones, and digital cameras.

Backpack journalism portrays the significance of technical knowledge journalism because it allows a reporter to have access to all tools to independently produce a story. The use of it allows stories to be reported on the spot, right when they are happening, allowing a reporter to be prepared at any occurrence. Instead of waiting until many hours, or even a day after an important event or occurrence, a reporter can put together a quick story on the spot immediately after all of the information is gathered.

Backpack journalism explains how important technical knowledge is in relation to journalism. It allows viewers to be immediately informed on important events and occurrences in the world.


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