Sweetened Video

The show, 60 Minutes, seems like the best example of a sweetened video package. The segments contain emphasized use of sound and video to give the viewer a sense of what to think throughout the show. An example of this is the excessive use of certain sounds to show the viewer how serious or important a situation may be.

I watched a segment on 60 Minutes called The Death and Life of Asheboro, Stealing History, The Face of Franchise. A reporter visited the city of Asheboro, which is said to be America’s fastest dying town, and spoke with Shahid Khan. Khan was a minority from Pakistan who struggled to make a living as an owner of a car bumper factory. After years of hard work, he became the owner of an NFL team, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

When the reporter visited Khan’s bumper factory, there were loud sounds of machinery which gave me a sense of location in this segment. They also visited a field where Khan used to play sport’s as a child. The sound of children yelling and balls being hit with a bat were emphasized. These sounds allowed me to understand that this field was a meaningful place.


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