Wikipedia and the Ability to Change Information

Websites such as Wikipedia has caused confusion to people based on information that is being received.  Topics that are on the Wikipedia website are open to the public, but the information is also able to be changed by any visitor. This is a negative aspect in relation to the web and information that is posted on it. It just shows how at any time, any person can change any fact, causing false information being posted.

Not only does the ability to change information ruin the credibility of Wikipedia, but it can also change the image of certain events or even individuals. An example of this is if someone finds a page about a public figure. That person can easily change that information and ruin the image of that public figure. When other individuals see what is posted, they may believe it just due to the fact that it was posted on the web.

Personally, I do not agree with this option that Wikipedia offers mainly because open information is posted and subject to change by anyone.


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