WikiLeaks; Positive or Negative Publications?

WikiLeaks is an international non-profit organization that publishes government and media leaks on their website. The main question is, if it is right to publish these leaks on a website, making the information available to all visitors.

There are many issues with WikiLeaks publishing government and media leaks. First off, some of the content published could be hurtful to an individual’s, or even ethnic groups image. The material can contain information that may be an incentive for some individuals to treat other groups disrespectfully. It can also release private government information that could ruin a political figures image.

Despite the negatives of WikiLeaks, there are a few positive aspects, especially in regards to the release of private government information. When this information is released, it may alert individuals about certain political movements that affect them. United States citizens should be alerted about things that may affect their lives; therefore in that case, the leaked information should be published.

With that being said, the question of if it is right to publish leaks on WikiLeaks remains unanswered. It is ethical to have information that may affect people available for them to see, but it also may be unethical to post leaks that can ruin an individual’s or group’s image.


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