Privacy at a High Price

The high price of residential colleges frequently prompt students to seek alternatives.

However,off-campus housing often proves more expensive than students expect, especially when they factor in extras such as heat, internet, and furniture.  Looking at the cost of housing in the Hofstra University area and comparing it to the cost and high tuition of residential programs at Hofstra we found that although dorming can be a nuisance, so can off-campus life.

While the state of off-campus housing  may be better than that of the dorms, the prices can sometimes reflect this.  For a house in the Hempstead/Uniondale area that is both within close proximity to campus and allows for an acceptable living space of about 800 square feet per bedroom, students can expect to pay upwards of $750 a month for rent.

This price is still cheaper than many of Hofstra’s on campus options which rank in at $1000 a month on average, but utilities are seldom included in the off campus rent price.  In addition students neglect to throw the cost of furniture and necessary grocery shopping into the equation before they make their final decision.

When asked about his thoughts of living off-campus during the rest of his time at Hofstra Junior Jeffrey Hinch said, “I haven’t done any research, but I hear its cheaper.”

However, Junior Brandon Mahoney, who currently holds an off-campus residence, knows first hand that, “It’s about the same, although I thought it would be much cheaper.”

These pictures below are of rented homes near Hofstra University that cost anywhere from $709 – $790 a month.

pic house 3

pic of house

pichouse 2

Picture of Interviewed Hofstra University Student, Brandon Mahoney:

brandon house picture

Mahoney’s Off-Campus House – Cost: $750 per room plus utilities:

outside house

Mahoney’s Off-Campus House Room:

inside house



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