Different Faith Introduces Different Traditions.

bride and groom toast

As each faith has their different beliefs, their are also different traditions that go along with it. The Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony of Irene Angelakis and George Poniros showed many traditions that are part of the ceremony and wedding party. The biggest difference in Greek Orthodox Wedding ceremonies is the length of the liturgy. Compared to other ceremonies, this one lasted for two hours.

The most important tradition in Orthodox wedding ceremonies is the crowing of the bride and groom. In this part of the ceremony, the maid of honor or the best man places a thin white crown on both the bride’s and groom’s head. The crowns are placed three times which symbolizes the belief in the father, son, and holy spirit being present in both individual’s lives. This transitions into the next tradition which marks the completion of the ceremony.

This tradition is known as the first dance as husband and wife. Both individuals walk around the church altar three times along with the priest to symbolize their marriage. Once this walk is completed, the rings are placed on the bride’s and groom’s fingers and they are both given their first communion as a married couple.

Finally, similar to other wedding ceremonies the Priest completes the liturgy and the bride and groom kiss. The bride, groom, and guests then go to a catering hall for the wedding party where food and drinks are served. For entertainment, a band plays traditional Greek music, and all guests join the bride and groom in traditional Greek dancing.

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