Different Faces of Jesus Christ – Jesus and Media Project

Throughout religious studies, there have been many various portrayals of what Jesus Christ really looked like. Some groups believe Jesus may have been African American, Oriental, or even Middle Eastern looking rather than what we are used to seeing in common Christian iconography.

Below are three pictures of Jesus portrayals. The first image is of an Orthodox/Catholic Jesus icon, the second image is of an African American Jesus, and the third image is of a Middle Eastern Jesus Christ. The Middle Eastern Jesus image was put together by a group who put together bone structure and predicted what the average man looked like in that time.african_jesuslogical jesusjesus christ 

Below the images are recorded interviews with; Greek Orthodox religion teacher Emmanuel Kratsios; Irene Hotzoglou; and Fordham University physics  major Michael Kohlios.

Interview with Emmanuel Kratsios:

Interview with Irene Hotzoglou:

Interview with Michael Kohlios:


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